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Hinduism - What Is Chaturmas Vrat?


 Chaturmas Vrat is a four-month period that begins with the Devshayani Ekadashi celebration (June–July) and ends with the Devotthayan Ekadashi festival (October–November). 

The four months between these festivals are regarded ritually inauspicious, since the deity Vishnu is said to be resting at that time, and the universe's protecting force is less vigilant. 

As a result, people seldom conduct favorable life cycle rituals like marriages at this time. 

This period also corresponds with the arrival of the monsoon, which is necessary for agricultural growth but also poses a threat from watery diseases and poisonous snakes. 

The unfavorable characteristics of Chaturmas Vrat, as well as the difficulties of travel induced by the monsoon, make this a period when traveling ascetics should remain put. 

During this time, religious worship tends to emphasize rituals of protection in order to safeguard oneself from these ritual and physical dangers. 

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