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Yoga And Yoga Asanas - What Is Chatus Pada?

Chatus Pada, or Four-footed Postures, comprise the bulk of the traditional Hatha Asanas and are named after various animals, fish, reptiles, birds, insects, or other species. 

Our forefathers were excellent observers of nature, looking for methods in which the "Earth Mother" taught her offspring to care for themselves in times of hardship and need, as well as in times of abundance. 

  • When technology employed by our fellow animals was shown to be of good value or beneficial to man's health, our instructors were eager to embrace it. 
  • Techniques like the Gaja Kriya, the elephant's nasal douche, and the anal douche are used. 
  • The Cyrus crane, arc examples, and postures mentioned in this lesson are all inspired by the Cyrus crane. 
  • The Vyaghrah Pranayama, also known as the Chatus Pada Asana, or Tiger Breath, is very essential. The body is resting in a "four-footed" position in this position. 

All of the Chatus Pada or Four-footed Postures are advised for both boys and girls to practice. Children under the age of puberty should not engage in advanced Yoga activities. 

  • These suggested postures will ensure that breathing problems never arise and that the mind and body grow normally. 
  • Many children, especially in India, suffer from malnutritional dwarfism, thus the need of a "body-building diet" should not be ignored. 
  • A good Kriya is crawling about on all fours. We had to wriggle and squirm as infants to straighten our hones and develop our sinews and muscles. It was necessary to strengthen soft tissue. We couldn't take it anymore. 
  • As a result, we had to crawl by pulling ourselves along the floor. We didn't crawl because we couldn't walk; rather, we crawled in order to be able to walk. This is a crucial lesson that we may need to repeat. 
  • We have severe musculoskeletal diseases of the arms, wrists, and hands, as well as the hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. 
  • Crawling is good for your muscles and bones. Crawling is a great workout for an arthritic, a person with bunions, or someone recovering from a bone fracture. 

Make some hand and knee protectors out of rubber. Crawl about in your own house in complete privacy. 

I had a female student who was self-conscious about her legs. They were dubbed "piano stool legs" by her. I suggested her start doing Pranayama and crawling. Even her uninterested indifferent husband soon praised her on her attractive legs. 

Another student had grown her leg strength as a teenager after playing tennis. She followed the same instruction and reshaped her legs' calves. 

Many women with excessive cellulite fat deposits on the backs of their legs and in their posteriors will find it simple to break up this unattractive fat.

A flabby stomach will firm up quickly if Vyaghrah Pranayama, or Tiger Breath  is performed. 

The Tiger Breath is a great warm-up for more challenging abdominal Kriyas like Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya.

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