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Yoga And Yoga Asanas - What Is Sharaba Asana Or The Griffin Pose? What Is Chiri Kriya?


Chiri Kriya and Sharabha Asana 

There was once a fantastic beast that had eight legs, was as large as an elephant, as powerful as a rhinoceros, and as ferocious as a lion. It was known as "Sharabha." 

  • This term is often mistranslated as griffin, although it does not refer to the Greek animal with an eagle's face and wings and a lion's body. 
  • Simhaghati is the Sanskrit word for this. 
  • There is no question that such a monster previously existed on temple facades to this day. 
  • The phrase has slowly been perverted to signify everything from a stick bug to a praying mantis to a cricket, despite the fact that the name for a cricket is Chiri. 

Along with Vyaghrah Asana, the Tiger Pose, Sharabha Asana and Chiri Kriya provide flawless, full breath. 

  • There is a propensity to hold your breath in certain positions. 
  • One lung gets more oxygen than the other. 

This is a fantastic Yoga Therapy option. 

  • For those who have grown one lung at the cost of the other, or have a known weakness as such, this asana should be avoided. 
  • The lungs will now work collectively as if they were a team of oxen. 

Chiri Kriya is a Hastikam (Forcing Technique) that aligns the spine and diaphragm in perfect harmony.


  • While crawling on all fours. 
  • Stretch your right leg straight back on the floor and raise it as high as you can 
  • Return to a regular kneeling posture after exhaling. 
  • Alter your legs. 
  • With the following incoming breath, go to the left side. 
  • Repeat at least three times on each side. 
  • It should be noticed that while performing this exercise, the breath tends to come in deeper on one side than the other. 


  • When performing Sharabha Asana, 
  • Add a high back arch to the outgoing breath. 
  • Draw the free knee in close to the chest, bowing the head down until the brow reaches the knee cap 
  • Do this Kriya three times on one side before switching to the other leg and repeating the process three times.

~Kiran Atma

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