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Paganism & Wicca - What Is The Meaning of Conjure?

The word 'Conjure'  is almost as perplexing as "witch," this term is used to denote a variety of conceptions by various individuals. 

  • The word "conjure" comes from Latin origins that mean "conspiracy." 
  • The early conjurari were Women's Mysteries and Bacchanalia worshippers. 
  • They were seen as a menace by the Republic of Rome, which banned them in 186 BCE, accusing them of conspiring. 
  • The name was meant to be pejorative, comparable to the term "warlock," and though the original connotation has faded through time, its association with magical activities has endured. 

Modern dictionary meanings for the verb include "practice of the magical arts," "the practice of tricks like juggling," and "to call, particularly by invocation or incantation," with the connotation that what is being called or conjured are spirits. 

  • Conjure is also a term for a magical ritual practiced by African-Americans. 
  • Although Hoodoo's foundation is firmly rooted in African traditions, many of its practitioners are white, and others reject (or are unaware of) these origins. 
  • Conjure is a term that was predominantly used in context of contemporary Voodoo and African American culture. 

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