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Hinduism - Who Is Damodara?


(dama means "rope" and udara means "waist") Krishna's epithet, given in remembrance of a specific episode from his youth. 

Krishna's foster mother, Yashoda, uses a rope to tie her toddling child to the huge stone mortar used in grain grinding in an attempt to curtail Krishna's mischief by restricting his mobility. 

The weight of the mortar would be enough to restrict any normal youngster, yet it is no obstacle for Krishna, who crawls about carrying the mortar behind him. 

Krishna tugs so hard on the mortar that it gets jammed between two trees growing close together, and the trees are uprooted. 

The trees vanish as soon as they fall to the ground, and two young men materialize in their place. 

These are Kubera's sons who have been cursed to assume the appearance of a tree till Krishna arrives to save them. 

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