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Yoga Asana for the Hands: Deer Seal

Complexity: Suitable for Beginners.

Duration: Not Applicable

The deer seal is a yoga posture that combines hand stretching and alternating nostril breathing. This breathing technique is both energizing and relaxing. 

It also aids in the seamless transition between the brain's left and right hemispheres. This posture can be used in  the case of stress, anxiety and wrist injuries.

  1. This can be done seated or standing. Make a fist of your right hand's fingertips while your thumb sticks out. When straightening your ring and little fingers, keep your index and middle fingers clenched.
  2. Since you'll be breathing from your nose, close your mouth and hold it shut the whole time.
  3. Cover your right nostril with your thumb and inhale from your left nostril.
  4. Use your ring and little fingers to cover your left nostril as well at the height of your breath.
  5. When you exhale from your right nostril, raise your thumb to open it while holding your left nostril closed with your ring and little fingers.
  6. When you inhale from your right nostril, keep it open.
  7. Then shut it off at the top of your breath. Exhale by opening your left nostril by raising your fingers.
  8. Rep this sequence a couple times more.

One-sided breathing may be used to aid sleep preparation; in this situation, you can only breathe from the left nostril. You can energize yourself in the morning by breathing only through your right nostril.