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Hinduism - What Are Demons In The Context Of Hindu Theology?

Various types of supernatural entities exist in the Hindu legendary realm, some of which are eternally at battle with one another. 

The most significant struggle is between the suras ("gods") and the asuras ("not-gods"), a class of divine creatures. 

Other strong entities, such as rakshasas, pisacas, and vetalas, exist alongside the asuras and have varying degrees of malevolence against the gods and humans. 

The term "devil" is most often used to describe all of these celestial foes in English. 

Although this is a simple title that eliminates the need for foreign Sanskrit vocabulary, it also contains incorrect and misleading associations. 

The term "devil" connotes total and radical wickedness, as well as intentional defiance of a single ultimate god. 

In the Hindu mythological universe, which is polytheistic and believes in more than one deity, neither premise is correct. 

This polytheistic cosmos has a plethora of divine entities, each with their own set of goals that may or may not clash with the gods', resulting in open conflict. 

This does not render such opponents, or "demons," fundamentally wicked, but rather opponents of Hindu gods, whose perspectives are explicitly chronicled in Hindu mythology. 

These "demons" may have a negative attitude toward humans, although this is not always the case. 

The fact that, despite their occasional defiance of the gods, they are never fully destroyed, but rather relegated to a more fitting rank, is perhaps the clearest confirmation of their significance. 

When the "devil" Hiranyakashipu is defeated by Vishnu's Man-Lion avatar, his son Prahlada takes his place. 

Similarly, when the deity Rama kills Ravana, Lanka's "evil" king, Rama names Ravana's brother Vibhishana as his successor. 

Asuras and other supernormal entities therefore have a legitimate role in Hindu mythology, and they are permitted to stay as long as they do not overstep their bounds and throw the world into disarray. 

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