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Hinduism - Who Is A Devadasi?

 ("Lord's [female] servant") Name for a group of women who worked as singers and dancers at temples in the service of the temple's presiding god, to whom they were typically considered "wedded." 

Their unique position barred them from marrying human spouses, however they did maintain long-term relationships with influential local men in several situations. 

Any females born as a result of these relationships would be devoted to the temple, while boys would be taught as musicians. 

Devadasis enjoyed extraordinary legal privileges in several circumstances, including as the authority to own, administer, and transfer property, which were usually reserved for their husbands. 

At best, these devadasis were educated and cultured women whose abilities earned them respect, and at worst (as was common in the nineteenth century), they were prostitutes whose services benefited the temple. 

Despite their usual aversion to interfering in Hindu religious concerns, the British decided to formally prohibit this practice. 

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