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Hinduism - What Is Gajendramoksha?

 ("the elephant-release") The name of a fight between king Indradyumna, who took the appearance of a large elephant, and a Gandharva (celestial musician) called Huhu, who took the form of a giant crocodile, in Hindu mythology.

As a consequence of a curse, both Indradyumna and Huhu have adopted these shapes.

The sage Agastya has cursed Indradyumna, who grows enraged when the meditating king fails to meet him with customary reverence.

The sage Devala cursed Huhu when the sage's concentration was disrupted by Huhu's passionate water play with several heavenly damsels.

The fight between the two animals starts as the elephant approaches the water to drink and is grabbed by the crocodile by the leg.

While the elephant fights to get free, the crocodile tries to drag him into deeper water.

They are so equally matched that none of them can outperform the other.

After a thousand years of war, the deity Vishnu arrives, kills the crocodile, and returns Indradyumna to his former state.

Because Indradyumna was released from the crocodile's hold and the curse's consequences, the narrative is known as "the deliverance of the elephant king." 

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