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Hinduism - What Are Dharamshalas?

("Dharma's home") A pilgrims' rest stop with no frills. 

Pious benefactors (as a religious deed) often erected Dharamshalas to offer pilgrims with not just a basic place to stay during their trip, but also a location with a healthy religious environment. 

A dharamshala's amenities are often quite modest, well below those of a hotel—in many instances, it's a completely barren room in which pilgrims cook, dine, and sleep, frequently on their own bedding. 

Pilgrims were not required to pay anything for their stay until far into the twentieth century, however they were expected to make a gift according to their means and desire when they left. 

Dharamshalas now have regulated fees for housing, although they are always less expensive than hotels since amenities are limited. 

Their overall ambience and clients are likewise very different. 

Most dharamshalas continue to endeavor to develop and preserve a healthy religious environment by including a temple in the structure, performing worship in the morning, evening, and on special occasions, and sponsoring scripture readings, lectures, and other religious events. 

These activities contribute to the formation of a religious community, and individuals seeking it on their trip will want to stay in such areas. 

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