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Hinduism - Who Is Dharmaputra?

("Dharma's son") Yudhishthira, the oldest of the five Pandava brothers, was given this appellation. 

In the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics, the Pandavas are the protagonists. 

Yudhishthira and his companions are the sons of different deities who are miraculously conceived when their mothers utilize the power of a mantra, according to the epic (sacred sound). 

Dharma, the defender of righteousness, is Yudhishthira's father. 

Yudhishthira's paternity is used to explain his passion for truth and justice, which are distinguishing characteristics of his personality. 

These aren't often thought of as kingly (kshatriya) characteristics, which emphasize bravery and martial valor.

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