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Dhauti Kriya - Hatha Yoga Shat Karma


Antar-Dhauti (internal cleaning) and Bahir-Dhauti (external cleaning) are the two types of purification. There are three ways to make Antar-Dhauti. Take a 15-foot-long piece of fine muslin cloth that is 3 inches thick. The borders should be well stitched, and there should be no loose thread dangling from the ends. Until using, make sure it's safe by washing it with soap. It should be dipped in lukewarm water.

Squeeze out as much water as you can and swallow one end at a time. In the first day, just one foot was swallowed. Keep it there for a few seconds before slowly removing it. The next day, swallow a bit more and hold it for a few minutes before eventually releasing it. As a result, you will gradually swallow the whole volume, hold it for about 5 minutes, and then swallow it. Don't make a hasty decision. Do not use harsh handling to hurt the throat. Drink a cup of milk after the Kriya is completed. This acts as a kind of throat lubricant. This workout should be completed with an empty stomach. The early hours of the morning are ideal.

You don't have to do this every day. It's enough to do it every four days or once a week. If done steadily, this exercise would not do any damage. On the first two to three tries, everybody can feel a bit dizzy. After the Kriya, wash the cloth with soap and keep it clean at all times.

This is a great workout for those who have a flabby, phlegmatic constitution. Progressive

Gulma, gastritis, dyspepsia, cancers of the stomach and spleen, and phlegm and bile disorders will all be cured with consistent practice. Vastra Dhauti is another name for this practice. This is one of the Antar-Dhauti varieties.

Some people will drink a lot of water and move it into the anus almost instantly. It's known as Varisara Dhauti. This is a very powerful technique. 'Sang Pachar Kriya' is another name for this practice. Kishkindha's Yogi Sambhunathaji is an authority in this Kriya. For the vast majority of people, this is not likely. This exercise can be done with a combination of Nauli and Uddiyana Bandha. Smoke from a cigarette can also be exhaled from the anus.

Drink a lot of water and shake the abdominals. Vomit the water by contracting the intestine. The name of this exercise is Kunjara Kriya. This is also a kind of self-purification.

Swallowing air may also be used to disinfect the insides. Allow plenty of air to reach the stomach.

It's caused by a hiccough. You can swallow air and fill up your stomach and intestines in the same way you can swallow food. You'll have to hear this from a man who knows how to do this Kriya.

When you contract your abdominal muscles, Apana Vayu (air) passes through the anus.

Many that can fill their stomachs with air can float on water like a dead body and can survive for days on air and water alone without food. No purgative or laxative is needed for those who can perform Antar-Dhauti in some way. They will never be constipated or suffer from indigestion.

Other Dhautis include Danta Dhauti (tooth cleaning), Jihva Dhauti (tongue cleaning), Karna Dhauti (ear cleaning), Mula Sodhana Dhauti (anus cleaning), and so on. You all do these things on a daily basis. I don't think I need to say anything on these.

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