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Hinduism - What Are Condidered Divine Abilities In The Hindu Pantheon?

When a single deity is seen as the greatest force in the universe, he or she is said to have five overarching divine powers: creation, order and maintenance of the cosmos, destruction, concealment, and grace (divine self-revelation). 

The first three powers are concerned with the deity's interaction with the physical universe, while the fourth and fifth are concerned with the deity's relationship with individual followers. 

The god is veiled in creation by employing the power of concealment, and therefore human people are kept in the dark. 

This power of concealment is also known as the deity's maya, or the power of illusion, which prevents humans from seeing the divine truth that lies underneath everything. 

The power of illusion is so tremendous that human people can only overcome it with the deity's favor, the ultimate strength. 

This grace is a divine act of self-disclosure in which the god rips the veil of illusion and shows himself or herself to humans.

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