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Hinduism - Who Was Dushyanta?

Dushyanta is a monarch of the Lunar Line and the spouse of Shakuntala in the Mahabharata, the second of the two major Hindu epics. 

In Kalidasa's play Abhijnanashakuntala, their relationship is also shown. 

While hunting in the jungle, Dushyanta encounters Shakuntala, who lives in a forest ashram (ascetic's home). 

They fall in love and marry with each other's permission. 

Dushyanta must return to his realm after a short period, and Shakuntala will follow shortly after. 

Meanwhile, the sage Durvasas has cursed Shakuntala, saying that her lover would forget her totally, however Durvasas subsequently changes the curse, saying that if Shakuntala can show him any evidence of their marriage, Dushyanta will recall everything. 

Shakuntala's difficulties and tribulations as she seeks to reclaim her rightful status as queen take up the majority of the plot in both episodes. 

Dushyanta is a minor role in all versions, but he is definitely important. 

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