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Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief - Utthita Trikonasana - Extended Triangle Pose

    This asana is a twist on the traditional posture. This asana taps into the energy contained in the tailbone, which is a key source of vigor and power when practiced regularly. 

    • This allows those who need more energy to perform well when they are stressed. 
    • The posture keeps the spine supple and aligned by activating it. 
    • Backache is relieved, and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and knees is reduced. 


    • Practice against a wall supports the body, relieves tension, and aids in proper alignment. 
    • The mat keeps your feet from sliding and aids in maintaining the pose's ultimate equilibrium. 
    • The block aids individuals with tight backs in reaching the floor and enables for more spine, neck, and shoulder extension. 


    • Tone the organs of the abdomen. 

    • Helps to relieve gastritis, acidity, and flatulence by stimulating digestion. 

    • Corrects the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle or poor posture by toning the pelvic organs. 

    • Relieves back pain. 

    • Helps to alleviate menstruation problems by reducing stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and knees. 

    • Tone the ligaments of the arms and legs. 


    • Do not do this asana if you have stress-related headaches, migraines, eye strain, diarrhoea, low blood pressure, varicose veins, or if you are sad or exhausted. 
    • This asana should be avoided by rheumatoid arthritis patients who have a fever. 
    • Menstruation is not a good time to practice. 
    • Do not stare up at the lifted arm in the posture if you have high blood pressure. 
    • Do not gaze up for too long if you have cervical spondylosis. 


    1. Place a mat against a wall and spread it out. 


    • On the right edge of the mat, place a wooden block on its long side.  

    • On the center of the mat, stand in Tadasana.  

    • Inhale deeply, then stretch your feet approximately one meter (3.5 feet) apart.  

    • Your buttocks and heels should be in contact with the wall.  

    • Raise your arms out to the sides, aligning them with your shoulders. 


    2. Turn your right foot out to the right, parallel to the wall. 


    • Make a small rightward turn with your left foot.  

    • The wall should be reached by your left heel and buttocks.  

    • Maintain a straight left leg.  

    • Stretch your arms out from your body, keeping them parallel to the ground and palms down. 


    3. Bend to the right and reach towards the floor with your right arm. 


    • Grasp the block with your right hand.  

    • Pull your tailbone into your body while forcefully pressing your left buttock and shoulders into the wall. 


    4. Raise your left arm towards the sky. 


    • Look at your left thumb as you turn your head.  

    • Your weight should be supported by both heels rather than your right palm.  

    • Breathe slowly and evenly, rather than deeply.  

    • For 20–30 seconds, hold the position.  

    • On the opposite side, repeat the position.

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