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Hinduism - Who Was Fani Muhsin? What Is The Dabistan-iMazahib?

Fani Muhsin  (ca. mid-17th c.) Traditionally credited with writing the Dabistan-iMazahib ("School of Manners"), which was most likely written about 1665. 

The Dabistan is a priceless outside source for religious life at the period, since it contains one of the first accounts of the Sikhs, as well as many other contemporary sects. 

Fani, a Persian and a Parsi by origin, traveled to India because he was fascinated by religious life and wanted to observe all he could. 

He is said to have been a keen observer with a fair amount of objectivity. 

He claims that all he did was translate (into the Persian in which the material was written) what his friends and sources had informed him, and the text seems to back him up. 

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