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Hinduism - Where Is Khandava Forest?

Khandava Forest is an ancient forest mentioned in the Hindu epics and folklores of India.

The Khandava forest is burned by Agni, a deity whose material form is fire itself, in the Mahabharata, the later of the two major Hindu epics.

According to legend, Agni gets ill and is told that the only way to recover is to devour the animals of the Khandava forest, many of whom are gods' foes.

Agni tries to "devour" the forest seven times, but is constantly prevented by the storm-god Indra, who saves the woodland by dousing it in rain.

Agni is puzzled and seeks the assistance of the deity Krishna and his buddy Arjuna, the finest archer in the universe.

Arjuna is granted the Gandiva bow and an endless quiver of arrows to aid Agni.

When Agni starts burning the forest again, Arjuna keeps the rain away by launching a dense cloud of arrows that creates a canopy over the woodland.

Agni gets healed of his sickness in this manner. 

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