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Hinduism - What Is A Gandharva Wedding?


The treatises on religious responsibility are one of the eight types of marriage recognized in the dharma canon.

When a man and woman have sexual intercourse by mutual agreement but without consulting anybody else, they form a Gandharva marriage.

The gandharvas, who are demigods and heavenly musicians, are thought to be the witnesses to the marriage.

Despite the fact that the gandharva rite resulted in a lawful marriage, it was seen as one of the four immoral (aprashasta) kinds of marriage since it was conducted without parental approval, without religious rites, and was based on desire.

These weddings were acknowledged in order to provide the lady with the legal status of a wife, not to condone and legitimize promiscuous conduct.

Despite the fact that Gandharva weddings are abundant in Sanskrit literary sources—perhaps the most famous being the marriage of King Dushyanta and Shakuntala—it is unlikely that this type was ever frequently performed.

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