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Hinduism - Who Is Garuda In Hindu Mythology And The Hindu Pantheon?


Garuda is a legendary bird that is often depicted as an Indian kite or eagle.

All Hindu gods and goddesses have animal "vehicles" that serve as symbols and allies.

Garuda is believed to be the deity Vishnu's chariot.

Garuda, as Vishnu's chariot, embodies some of Vishnu's protecting and life-affirming attributes.

Garuda is the celestial maiden Vinata's son and the sage Kashyapa's daughter.

Garuda's most famous narrative illustrates why eagles and snakes have such a symbiotic relationship.

Vinata has given birth to an eagle line, while her sister Kadru has given birth to a snake line.

One day, the sisters got into a fight about the color of a heavenly horse's tail—Vinata claims it's white, while Kadru claims it's black.

They eventually come to an agreement that the one who is incorrect would be forced to serve the other.

To assure her win, Kadru convinces a number of her children to hang from the horse's back, making the white tail seem black from a distance.

When Vinata sees the black snakes, she accepts her loss and is forced to serve Kadru for many years under exceedingly difficult circumstances.

When Garuda realizes what has transpired, he begins a never-ending campaign of snake slaughter.

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