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Hinduism - Where Is Gaurikund In India?


 In Uttar Pradesh's Himalaya Mountains, there is a village and a holy spot (tirtha).

Gaurikund lies roughly ten miles downstream from the Mandakini River's sources, which is also one of the Ganges' Himalayan tributaries.

On the trip to Kedarnath, the motorable road ends at Gaurikund, and pilgrims must continue on foot.

The mythic charter of Gaurikund is linked to the deity Shiva and his wife Parvati.

Parvati is claimed to have practiced severe asceticism in Gaurikund in order to win Shiva as her spouse; after a lengthy period of time, Shiva is satisfied with Parvati, exposes himself to her, and the two become lovers there.

A set of hot springs, which are another of Gaurikund's attractions, represent the location where Parvati resided during this period, according to local topography.


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