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Hinduism - Who Is Gayasura In Hindu Mythology?


The name of a strong asura in Hindu mythology (demon).

Gayasura practices strict asceticism (tapas), which is inspired by the old Indian belief that willingly enduring bodily suffering bestows spiritual and magical abilities.

Gayasura's strength grows to the point that all of the gods are concerned that he will be able to topple them.

The deity Vishnu instructs the god Brahma to persuade Gayasura to allow his body to be sacrificed as the gods' concerns mount.

Gayasura is promised by Vishnu that the area where he dies would become holy than all the world's sacred places (tirthas).

Because of Vishnu's blessing, the site where Gayasura's corpse lays becomes the sacred place known as Gaya, which is said to be holier than all other places on earth.

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