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Hinduism - Where Is Gokarna? What Does Gokarna Mean?

 "cow's ear" is a phrase that means "cow's ear." Sacred site (tirtha) on the Arabian Sea coast in the state of Karnataka, just south of the state's border with Goa.

Gokarna is most known for a temple dedicated to the deity Shiva as Mahabaleshvara, the "very mighty Lord." Shiva desires to accomplish the task of creation, but before he does, he falls engrossed in meditation in the depths of the ground, according to the site's founding story.

The deity Brahma becomes irritated by the delay and does the creation task himself.

When Shiva finds what has transpired, he becomes outraged and is going to push his way up through the ground, causing a horrific calamity.

Shiva is visited by the earth in the appearance of a cow, who requests that he come to the surface via her ear.

A cave at Gokarna is said to be the relic of Shiva's ascension via the passage. 

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