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Hinduism - Who Was Gokulnath?


Gokulnath (1551–1640) was a Hindu king who ruled from 1551 to 1640.

The religious group known as the Pushti Marg's third guru.

Gokulnath descended from his father Vitthalnath, who succeeded his father Vallabhacharya, the community's founder, as the community's head.

During Gokulnath's tenure, he worked to strengthen the religious community and devoted special attention to its organization.

He is well known for creating various hagiographic writings chronicling his father's and grandfather's lives in order to give their followers an adequately reverent image.

Gokulnath was also the driving force behind the Chaurasi Vaishnavan ki Varta (“Account of Eighty-four Vaishnavas”), despite the fact that the actual book was most likely composed by Gokulnath's pupil Hariray.

This literature is a sectarian hagiography chronicling the lives of eighty-four archetypal Vaishnavas, all of whom were companions and followers of Vallabhacharya and Vitthalnath, at least according to the text.

The text's true objective is to illustrate the significance of the Pushti Marg and its founders, not to present a biography.

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