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Hinduism - Who Is Gopichand?


The princely protagonist of The Song of Gopichand, an allegorical tale popular in northern India and even Bengal, where it is known as The Song of Manik Chandra.

The narrative depicts Gopichand's struggles, in which he loses his kingship due to the whims of destiny but finally reclaims it after several hardships and losses.

Aside from the tale, the Nathpanthis, an ascetic society reportedly created by Gorakhnath, are also mentioned in the song.

Some in this group thought that by improving their bodies via yoga, they would become eternal.

This thought is expressed in the song by Gopichand's mother Mayana, who has control over Death himself.

Mayana's religious preceptor is described as a low-caste sweeper in some versions of the narrative, but in others it is the sage Gorakhnath himself.

G.A. Grierson published two versions of this song in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the first in 1878 and the second in 1885.

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