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Yoga Asanas For Stress Relief - Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon Pose

    Ardha means "half," while chandra means "moon" in Sanskrit. Your body will take on the form of a half moon in this asana. 

    • Regular practice improves your attention span. 
    • It also helps with coordination and reflexes. 
    • The spinal stretch strengthens the paraspinal muscles, keeping the spine supple and aligned. 


    • The wall provides support and aids with head and neck alignment. 
    • For individuals with tight backs who can't reach the floor, the wooden block makes the posture simpler. 


    • Keeps the spinal muscles supple by rotating and flexing the vertebral joints. 

    • Relieves backache by toning the lumbar and sacral spine. 

    • Helps to correct shoulder misalignment. 

    • Relieves sciatica; improves circulation in the foot; relieves gastritis and acidity; corrects uterine prolapse. 


    • If you experience stress-related headaches, a migraine, eye strain, varicose veins, diarrhoea, or sleeplessness, avoid this asana. 
    • Do not gaze up at your lifted arm if you have hypertension. 
    • Keep your eyes straight forward. 
    • If done against a wall, this is the only standing asana that relieves tiredness. 


    1. Standing in Tadasana is the first step. 


    • Place a brick against the wall on its short side.  

    • Inhale deeply and stretch your feet 1 meter (3.5 feet) apart.  

    • Raise your arms over your head to shoulder level. 


    2 Turn your right foot in, slightly to the right, parallel to the wall, and your left foot out to the right, parallel to the wall. 


    • Place your right hand on the block and bend your right knee.  

    • Raise your left arm in the air. 


    3 Raise your right leg and straighten it. 


    • Raise your left leg to the point where it is parallel to the ground. 

    • Maintain a straight line between your left and right arms.  

    • Your left hand's back should rest on the wall. 


    4 Take a look at your left thumb. 


    • Maintain proper alignment of your right foot, thigh, and hip.  

    • You should keep your balance on your right leg rather than your right arm.  

    • Hold the position for a total of 20 seconds.  

    • On the opposite side, repeat the position.

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