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Hinduism - Who Was Hariray Of The Pushti Marg Hindu Religious Society?

Hariray Gokulnath  (mid-17th c. - 1551–1640 C.E. ), the third guru of the Pushti Marg, a religious society established by his grandfather Vallabhacharya, was a well-known follower.

Hariray is Gokulnath's scribe in addition to being a student.

He is a commentator on the Chaurasi Vaishnavan ki Varta ("Account of Eighty-four Vaishnavas"), and he most likely composed the work under Gokulnath's supervision.

The lives of eighty-four Vaishnavas, or followers (bhakta), of the deity Vishnu are described in this work.

They were all colleagues and pupils of Gokulnath's father Vitthalnath or his grandfather Vallabhacharya.

The text's primary goal is to highlight the significance of the Pushti Marg and its leaders, rather than to offer biographical information about these individuals.

Aside from the Chaurasi Vaishnavan ki Varta, Hariray is credited with a number of poems, however they may be the work of a later person. 

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