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Hinduism - Who Was Ahalya Bai Holkar?


Ahalya Bai Holkar (r. 1761–1795) In the Holkar dynasty, there was a Hindu queen.

The dynasty reigned over one of the successor republics that arose following the split of the Maratha empire, with its headquarters at Indore, in central India.

She rose to power at a period when the Moghul dynasty's authority had been significantly diminished, and she attempted to fill the political vacuum that had resulted.

She was able to wield true political influence over most of north-central India throughout her lengthy rule.

She was also a prominent royal patron at Hindu pilgrimage places like as Benares, where she supported the renovation of the Vishvanath temple, and Haridwar, where she is reported to have paid for the construction of a ghat, which is a structure that leads to a holy bathing (snana) location.

More information may be found in Govind S. Sardesai's 1986 book, A New History of the Marathas.

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