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Hinduism - Who Was Hiranyakeshin?


Sage, writer, and commentator, as well as a pupil of Apastamba, the writer.

Apastamba is the author of the Kalpa Sutra, a sort of scripture.

Along with Baudhayana and Hiranyakeshin, he is one of only three writers whose extant writings include all three aspects necessary for a Kalpa Sutra: prescriptions for Vedic rituals (Shrauta Sutras), domestic rites (Grhya Sutras), and suitable human conduct (Grhya Sutras) (Dharma Sutras).

The Taittiriya school of the Black Yajur Veda was where all three of these guys came from.

Baudhayana was the eldest, Apastamba was his student, and Hiranyakeshin was Apastamba's disciple, according to tradition.

The writings themselves corroborate this chronology, since Baudhayana's work is less ordered and uses more archaic vocabulary than the others. 

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