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Hinduism - How Prevalent And Accepted Has Homosexuality Been In Hindu Society?

Although homosexuality is not unheard of in Indian society, it has never been widely accepted.

The Kama Sutra includes a short description of gay oral intercourse and the kinds of men who engaged in it, although it is just a fleeting remark.

In current times, male transvestites known as hijras are often used as gay prostitutes, and they have a well-accepted albeit minor presence in Indian society.

Although the pursuit of pleasure (of any type) is a goal of life (purushartha) according to the prevalent Hindu ethos, other circumstances have steered the expression of sexual desire in different areas, particularly toward conventional marriage.

One is the universal desire for children, especially males; another is the idea of the family as the core social unit.

Furthermore, the traditional male fear of losing vitality as a result of seminal ejection is a motivation to avoid sexual intercourse.

Finally, the cultural belief that ultimate enlightenment occurs only when one has relinquished all impulses would have influenced all forms of sexual desire.


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