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Hinduism - Who Was Ilangovadigal? What Is The Central Theme Of The Epic Tamil Poem, 'Shilappadigaram'?


Ilangovadigal is a poet who is known for writing the Tamil epic poem Shilappadigaram ("The Jeweled Anklet").

The poem emphasizes numerous significant issues in Hindu culture, including the necessity for monarchs to be just in their judgements and the power a lady gains by devotion to her husband.

Kannaki and Kovalan, a young couple, are the poem's major protagonists.

When Kovalan is killed due to a tragic misunderstanding, his wife Kannaki pronounces a curse on Madurai, which causes many inhabitants to perish until Kannaki retracts it at Madurai's patron goddess's request.

Ilangovadigal is thought to have lived in the first or second century C.E., a timeframe that renders his authorship unlikely since the poem was most likely written decades later. 

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