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Hinduism - What Is Inauspiciousness Or Ashaucha In The Practice Of Hindu Rituals?


This notion relates to occurrences or circumstances that, at their core, obstruct or threaten life, prosperity, or general well-being.

Auspiciousness and inauspiciousness, like purity and impurity (ashaucha), are basic concepts in Hindu life.

A lot of variables may contribute to unfavorable circumstances.

In other cases, inauspiciousness may be found in the present moment—in a bad hour or day, in exceptional phenomena such as eclipses, or in astrological conjunctions that are fundamentally unfavorable.

In such "dangerous" periods, one's activities should be severely limited, with the exception of absolutely required tasks.

Certain normally harmless activities may become inauspicious when combined with certain periods, and such activities should be avoided during these times.

Inauspiciousness may also be caused by specific planetary alignments in one's natal horoscope, or by creating a house or structure in an inopportune location.

Inauspiciousness is seen as a physical entity that is created by particular circumstances and then attached to people, families, or bigger groups.

Some of these unlucky circumstances may be avoided by abstaining from certain actions at certain times, while others cannot be prevented, such as the inauspiciousness caused by eclipses or other astrological conjunctions.

Whereas impurity (ashaucha) may be eliminated or destroyed by purification, inauspiciousness can only be passed on from one person to the next, most often through presents (dana).

More information may be found in Gloria Goodwin Raheja's The Poison in the Gift, published in 1988, and David F. Pocock's "The Evil Eye," published in T. N. Madan's Religion in India, published in 1991.

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