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Hinduism - Who Is Jamadagni In Hindu Mythology?


A famous sage and the father of Parashuram avatar in Hindu mythology.

Jamadagni, like many sages, has an explosive and flaming temper.

Jamadagni orders his sons to murder his wife Renuka after she gets home late after seeing a monarch and his wife frolic in the sea in one of the most renowned incidents.

Except for Parashuram, who slices off his mother's head, they all refuse.

Parashuram impresses Jamadagni, who informs him he may select whatever prize he wishes.

Parashuram asks for his mother to be brought back to life, which she is.

Jamadagni is also known for being the owner of a heavenly cow capable of providing any kind of food on command.

The local monarch becomes enamored with the cow and offers to purchase it.

When Jamadagni refuses to sell her, the king's troops get enraged and murder him before returning the cow to the palace.

Parashuram seeks to wipe off the kingly class (kshatriyas) from the face of the world in retaliation for this wicked conduct.


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