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Hinduism - Who Is Jaratkaru?

 A sage in Hindu mythology who is known not just for his austerity and wisdom, but also for illustrating the value of male children in Hindu society.

Jaratkaru has been a lifetime ascetic who refuses to marry until he has a vision of his ancestors dangling above one of the hells by a grass rope through which a rat (time personified) is slowly eating.

Jaratkaru's ancestors tell him that since he hasn't had a son, the lineage, as well as the ceremonies done for the dead in that lineage, would stop with him, and they will all go to hell.

They tell Jaratkaru to marry and have a son in order to avoid tragedy.

Jaratkaru is first opposed to the notion, but subsequently states that if a lady called Jaratkaru is discovered and brought to him as alms, he will marry her.

His plight finally reaches Naga (snake) king Vasuki, who also has a sister named Vasuki.

Jaratkaru agrees to marry her on the condition that if she displeases him, he would leave her.

Given Jaratkaru's austere history, it's hardly surprising that their relationship did not work out.

After a few months of marriage, his wife must choose between letting Jaratkaru to sleep through sunset, which would cause him to miss his evening prayers, or waking him and risking his displeasure.

Jaratkaru is dissatisfied with her and departs despite her entreaties, so she picks the latter.

The sage's obligations are thus completed when Jaratkaru's wife gives birth to a son, Astika.


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