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Hinduism - What Is Jhanki?


 (“glimpse”) A "glimpse" of the divine that allows the devotee (bhakta) to enter the realm of the gods for a brief period.

Jhankis are most often conveyed via the visual arts, such as the mental pictures generated when devotional poetry is read, recited, or sung, or the visuals given in religious dance, theatre, or cinema.

The devotee temporarily enters the presence of the god during these short meetings, experiencing the deity's universe.

The Vaishnava devotionalism associated with the gods Krishna and Rama places a special emphasis on the potential to experience a short bodily presence in the deity's universe.

Worship of these deities often emphasizes visualization of the deity's existence and daily activities as a means for followers to enter the celestial realm.

Both deities' devotees have created plays, or lilas, to aid them in this process: Rama's are the Ram Lilas, which are performed throughout India during the autumn festival season, and Krishna's are the Krishna Lilas, which are performed in Brindavan, Krishna's childhood home, during the annual monsoon season.


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