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Paganism & Wicca - What Is A Djinn, Or Jinni, Or Jnun?

Djinn or Jinn may be single or multiple, depending on regional dialect. 

  • Sometimes jnun is used as a plural. 
  • The word "djinn" is sometimes mistranslated into English as "devil," although this is oversimplified and wrong unless you believe that all spirits are evil. 
  • Jinn are mystical beings from the Middle East and North Africa. 
  • Their name is derived from the word "genie." 
  • All people of the area, including Berbers, Jews, Muslims, and Samaritans, are aware of Jinn. 
  • It is not deemed safe to address Jinn by name without reason or caution. 
  • “The others,” “the neighbors,” “the other side,” or “the ones outside” are all euphemisms. 
  • In some societies, just pointing to the ground is enough to identify them.

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