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Hinduism - What Is A Kamandalu?

A water pot historically used by ascetics, with a detachable cover for easy filling and a pouring spout.

Kamandalus may be created out of gourds, wood, metal, or baked clay, among other things.

They're usually broader than they are tall, so they're more sturdy and less prone to fall over.

Water is an evident need in India's climate.

Even ascetics with limited belongings will have some way of transporting and storing them.

Apart from meeting their basic requirements, water is a vital part of ascetic religious life since it is often utilized as a worship gift and the chosen medium for washing (snana) and other purifying procedures.

The kamandalu is a strong item in and of itself because of its religious significance.

When a kamandalu has been used for years by a renowned ascetic, it is said that things stored near to them are charged with their spiritual force.

Kamandalus are still essential ceremonial artifacts in contemporary times, although screw-top plastic jugs have mostly superseded their practical purpose.

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