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Hinduism - Where Is Kanyakumari In India? What Does Kanyakumari Mean In Sanskrit?

 ("virgin girl") is a term used to describe a young woman who is At the confluence of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal, this city and holy location (tirtha) is located on the farthest southern boundary of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kanyakumari is a popular bathing (snana) destination.

Kanyakumari is also the name of the primary deity of the place, a local goddess who has been accepted into the pantheon as a manifestation of the goddess Parvati.

Kanyakumari had her heart set on marrying Shiva, according to legend, but when she was unable to do so, she swore to remain an eternal virgin (kanya).

Despite the fact that Kanyakumari's unmarried status distinguishes her from all other forms of Parvati, who are usually wedded to Shiva, her appearance here provides her autonomous strength. 

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