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Hinduism - Who Is Swami Karpatri Maharaj?



A modern-day ascetic who is known for his stringent ascetic habits.

His name stems from the fact that he used his hands (kara) as a receptacle (patra) to accept the food he received as charity.

Because the quantity of food one may acquire in this manner is rather little, it is considered one of the harshest ascetic practices.

The absence of an eating vessel denotes total detachment from worldly goods.

Swami Karpatri was also noted for his political conservatism.

He was one of the founders of the political party Ram Rajya Parishad ("Organization for Ram's Reign") after India's independence in 1947.

The party's central claim was that in order to create a well functioning society, individuals needed to maintain the ancient caste system's distribution of rank and labor.

Aside from its orthodox social agenda, the party supported Hindu issues such as a complete prohibition on cow slaughter.

Swami Karpatri, while being a Sanyasi who had abandoned the world, nonetheless retained certain lingering attitudes from his previous life.

He was born a brahmin, and even after renunciation, he would only eat from brahmin households.

Swami Karpatri shows how many ascetics still have ties to the "ordinary" world, both in terms of expressing worry about their previous position and adopting organized political action to support issues that represent deeply ingrained Hindu beliefs. 

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