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Hinduism - Who Was Krishnadas?


(early 16th c.) Krishnadas is one of the ashtachap, a group of eight bhakti (devotional) poets from northern India.

The Pushti Marg, a religious society of devo followers (bhakta) of Krishna, utilized the writings of these eight poets for ritual reasons.

All eight are also identified as members of the community and companions of either the community's founder, Vallabhacharya, or his successor, Vitthalnath, in the Pushti Marg's sectarian literature.

Krishnadas is traditionally linked to Vallabhacharya.

Krishnadas is a little-known figure, however he is thought to have been born around 1497, according to legend.

Krishna's physical attractiveness is described in his poems as an object of aesthetic pleasure.

Within the Pushti Marg, he is recognized as a good administrator and a protector of the sect's interests against Chaitanya's supporters at Brindavan Krishna's boyhood home.


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