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Hinduism - Who Are The Krittikas In The Hindu Pantheon?


The Krittikas are a group of six minor goddesses who represent the constellation Pleiades in Hindu mythology.

Their most famous legendary appearance is as the deity Skanda's foster mums.

Skanda is considered Shiva's son, however he was born in an unorthodox fashion.

Shiva accidently spills his sperm on the ground when Shiva and Parvati are startled while making love.

Semen is regarded as a man's concentrated essence in Indian culture.

Shiva's sperm is very potent, capable of destroying the planet since he is a god.

The deity Agni, who is fire personified, is the first to hold the semen, but it proves too strong for him.

Agni throws the sperm into the Ganges.

A sparkling youngster is discovered in the reeds beside the riverbed after 10,000 years.

The Krittikas come upon the youngster and each wants to milk him.

Skanda, the child, grows five extra heads to appease them.

One of his epithets, Karttikeya, is a testimony of their care.


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