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Hinduism - Who Is Kubera Or Kuber In The Hindu Panthen?

In Hindu mythology, a minor god who guards the northern quarter as one of the eight Guardians of the Directions.

Kubera is thought to reside in the Himalayan highlands, surrounded by legendary animals including yakshas, nagas, and kinnaras that serve him.

He is tremendously obese, and he is immensely rich, thanks to the mineral wealth stored in the mountains.

Kubera is the half-brother of Ravana, Lanka's demon king, as well as Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana.

Kubera had a different mother than the other three sons of the deity Vishravas.

Ravana snatches Kubera's aerial chariot, the Pushpak Viman, despite their relationship.

As a result of Ravana's infamous actions, Kubera backs Rama's attempts to defeat Ravana. 

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