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Hinduism - Who Was Kumbhadas ?


Kumbhadas (early 16th c.) is one of the ashtachap, a group of eight bhakti (devotional) poets from northern India.

The Pushti Marg, a religious community whose members are Krishna followers (bhakta), utilized these poets' writings for liturgical purposes.

All eight poets are mentioned in the Pushti Marg's sectarian literature as members of the community and associates of either the society's founder, Vallabhacharya, or his successor, Vitthal nath.

Vallabhacharya is usually associated with Kumbhadas.

Kumbhadas is a mysterious figure who is said to have been born around 1469.

His poetry exemplifies Rupa Goswami's five modes of devotion, particularly the madhurya ("honest eyed") mode.

Madhurya uses the language of lover and beloved to depict the relationship between god and devotee, in which one has ardent love for the other.