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Hinduism - Where IS Kumbhakonam In India?


Kumbhakonam is one of the several temple towns in Tamil Nadu's Tanjore district, reflecting the territory's importance as the seat of the Chola dynasty's rulers.

Kumbhakonam is home to a number of major temples.

The temple structures, which are built in the Dravida architectural style, are of moderate height, occupy a vast area, and are encircled by a boundary wall with huge towers (gopurams) above each wall's central entryway.

The most prominent landmark in Kumbhakonam is a temple bathing (snana) pond, not a temple.

Every twelve years, a celebration is conducted in the tank, during which the water in the tank is said to become the Ganges.

In 1992, an estimated 400,000 people attended the event, with 48 individuals sadly died in a stampede.

The Swami Malai temple, one of the six temples dedicated to the deity Skanda, is located just outside of town.

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