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Hinduism - What Is Leap Or Ajativada In Hindu Philosophy?


Leap Philosophy is a philosophy that encourages people to take risks.

(“ajativada”) In the Indian context, total release from bondage is recognized as the end of rein carnation (samsara) and eventual liberation of the soul (moksha), although such freedom cannot be obtained by a perfectly determined series of causes and consequences, according to leap philosophy.

There is no way to encourage or influence the process of obtaining freedom since it is not a question of cause and effect.

Leap philosophers tend to dismiss the efficacy of ritual activity as a means of achieving ultimate emancipation, save in the context of a preliminary phase, emphasizing that liberation can only be attained by inner awareness.

Members of the Advaita Vedanta school Sureshvara and Shankaracharya discard ceremonial conduct except as preparation for wisdom.

Both thinkers believe that liberation from enslavement comes through knowledge received in a moment of realization, which changes one's view on the world drastically and permanently.

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