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Hinduism - Who Is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Or Mahesh Prasad Verma?


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  (b. Mahesh Prasad Verma, 1911) - Transcendental Meditation is a religious method developed by this Hindu instructor (TM).

The Maharishi ("Great Sage") was educated as an engineer, but after meeting one of the Shankaracharyas, the most significant modern Hindu religious leaders, he abandoned the world.

For the following twelve years, he resided with Shankaracharya in search of spiritual understanding.

He founded an ashram in Rishikesh, but he was little recognized until he met the Beatles, a British musical group that journeyed to India on pilgrimage with him.

TM teachers toured American college campuses in the early 1970s, preaching the physiological and spiritual advantages of meditation and offering them (for a charge) a mantra or holy sound that would provide them with these benefits.

Meditation, according to TM proponents, has a calming influence on the broader environment, resulting in lower crime, stress, and hostility.

During this time, Maharishi International University was founded as a teaching center for TM at the old Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa.

Maharishi University established a curriculum in the late 1970s to teach individuals how to gain the six traditional superhuman abilities (siddhis).

Several disgruntled consumers have filed lawsuits against the group since then.

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