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Hinduism - Who Is Mallikarjuna? Where Is The Mallikarjuna Linga In India?


On the holy mountain Shrishaila in Andhra Pradesh, there is a temple and a sacred spot (tirtha).

The temple is called after the temple's principal deity, the god Shiva as "[Lord] White as Jasmine." 

Mallikarjuna has Shiva in the form of a linga, a pillar-shaped figure.

The Mallikarjuna linga is one of the twelve jyotirlingas, or Shiva's special places on the planet.

The origin story of Mallikarjuna is based on a rivalry between Shiva's two sons, Ganesh and Skanda, who agree that the first to round the world would be the first to marry.

Skanda mounts his peacock and takes off, confident in his superior speed.

Ganesh, on the other hand, just goes about Shiva and his wife Parvati as a representation of the cosmos as a whole.

Skanda is furious when he returns and discovers he has been beaten.

He travels to southern India after leaving Kailas, the Himalayan peak thought to be Shiva's dwelling.

Parvati is distraught by Skanda's disappearance, but none of the envoys sent can convince him to return.

Finally, Shiva and Parvati fly to Shrishaila mountain on their own.

Skanda has already made his way to a neighboring peak.

His parents dedicate the first site as Mallikarjuna before following him.

Mallikarjuna is regarded as a highly strong place, as are all of the jyotirlingas.

Worshiping this jyotirlinga is claimed to bring money, relief from pain, happiness, and any other desired outcome.

The location, deep in the forest on the summit of Shrishaila mountain, is difficult to approach.

As a result, the most significant holiday celebrated here is Shivaratri, Shiva's most important festival of the year, during which devotees (bhakta) gather and remain for many days.

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