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Man's God-Given Power


It is important to remember that nothing has more power than the Cosmic Consciousness or God. The strength of Cosmic Consciousness outweighs the strength of your or others' minds. As a result, you should seek Its help on your own. 

However, this does not imply that you should become docile, inactive, or credulous, or that you should underestimate your mind's strength. Remember that God aids those who assist themselves. 

He gave you the ability to help yourself through willpower, attention, faith, reason, and common sense in your physical and mental ailments. 

You must employ all of them in your quest for Divine assistance. 

But keep in mind that while utilizing your own willpower or common sense to overcome a problem or condition, you must not rely primarily on, or tether yourself to, your Ego, since this will cause you to lose touch with the Divine Force. 

Feel as if you are utilizing your personal yet God-given ability to cure yourself or others through affirmations or prayer vibrations. 

Always remember that it is not only God, but also yourself, as His cherished child, who strives to use His given will, reason, and so on to respond to life's challenging situations. Between the traditional notion of completely relying on God and the current manner of relying only on the ego, a balance must be achieved. 

Will affirmations should be accompanied by strong will; feeling affirmations should be accompanied by devotion; reason affirmations should be accompanied by intellect and devotion; imagination affirmations should be accompanied by firm fancy and faith. 

Others choose the affirmation that is most appropriate for your patient's creative, imaginative, emotional, or contemplative temperament. 

The intensity of attention comes first in all affirmations, but consistency and repetition are also important. Impregnate your affirmations with your devotion, will, and faith, repeatedly and intensely, without regard for the results, which will come as a natural result of your efforts. 

The focus of attention throughout the physical healing process should not be on the ailment, which invariably dampens faith, but on the mind. 

The focus should be on the opposite mental quality during mental cures of fear, rage, any negative habit, consciousness of failure, unsuccess, anxiousness, and so on. For example, the treatment for fear is cultivating the awareness of courage; of anger-peace; of weakness-strength; of sickness-health.

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