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Hinduism - What Is The Ritual Impurity Associated With Meat Consumption In A Hindu Society?

For most Hindus, this is an acceptable element of their diet.

Only a quarter of Hindus in metropolitan areas were vegetarians, according to a 1996 survey.

However, in villages, where people are more traditional and conservative, this percentage may be higher.

Meat is considered unclean since it is the product of a dead animal, and people who are concerned about religious purity (especially brahmins) will shun it.

Even non-vegetarians are aware of an animal food hierarchy.

Some individuals just eat eggs, while others additionally eat chicken and/or fish, while still others consume mutton.

Pork is typically shunned by all except the poorest members of society; pigs are seen as scavengers and dirty.

Except for a tiny Hindu minority in southern India, beef is forbidden for religious reasons.

Even people who eat meat do not consume enormous amounts of it.

Because of its exorbitant price, it is usually served as a side dish rather than as the main course.

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