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Parapsychology - Academia De Estudo Psychicos "Cesare Lombroso"


José de Freitas Tinoco created the Cesare Lombroso Academy for Psychical Research in Sao Paolo in September 1919.

Carlos Mirabelli's mediumship was examined by the academy.

Mirabelli was examined at the Academia de Estudos Psychicos Cesare Lombroso in So Paulo in the 1920s, and a report released in 1926 said that authentic materializations had been witnessed in more than 300 sittings. 

Several psychical researchers contested the findings when it was released in English. 

Hans Driesch, a German scientist, studied Mirabelli in 1928 and discovered that certain things had been moved in the séance room, but no proof for his claimed talents of materialization or apportionment. 

  • Mirabelli went on to do public mediumship presentations that were regarded as "theatrical." 
  • Mirabelli has been engaged in 15 cases for the unlawful practice of witchcraft during the course of his life. 
  • He was accused of using deception. 

Mirabelli was said to be able to move magnetic water bottles on a table without making contact with them. 

Antônio da Silva Mello said that such a trick may have been accomplished "by means of a thread brought to the table or by various other ways, primarily with the assistance of a partner who in this specific instance was believed by several individuals present to be the medium's wife."

Mirabelli displayed a broad range of materializations, levitation, psychokinesis, and automatic writing in 392 sittings, which were regarded re markable outcomes.

The academy declared Mirabelli to be the greatest of all mental and physical mediums, but Theodore Besterman, who investigated Mirabelli for the American Society for Psychical Research in 1934, cast doubt on its 1926 findings.

The institution was still going strong in the 1930s.

Further Reading:

Berger, Arthur S., and Joyce Berger. The Encyclopedia of Parapsychology and Psychical Research. New York: Paragon House, 1991.

Kiran Atma

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What is Psychic Mediumship?

So far, we've discussed psychic readings. We'll talk about medium reading in this segment. So, what's the difference between the two? 

Someone who gives psychic readings does not have mediumistic powers, which include serving as a vessel and a bridge of communicating between the spirit world and the living world – but all mediums have psychic abilities, as this is how they communicate with the spirits of the deceased.

You may not be familiar with the terms mediumship or mediums. A medium, as previously said, is an individual who acts as a link between the living and the deceased. They will connect with the dead and relay messages to the living on their behalf. If you've ever used a Ouija board, you've engaged in a kind of mediumship, when you're communicating with, or trying to communicate with, the spirits of the dead – but Ouija boards are mostly used for recreation rather than serious purposes.

When the spirit of the deceased communicates to the medium, and when the medium hears signals clairvoyantly (or clairsentient, claircognizant, clairaudient) and relays the message to the living, these are the types of mediumship used by practicing mediums. Very commonly, a living person will ask a medium and attempt and communicate and establish communication with a deceased loved one because they miss them and/or whether there is unfinished business or unanswered questions about them, because they want closure. These sessions can be very calming and the soul of the deceased loved one is likely to feel the same way.

If you want to be a medium, a link between the spirit world and the living, you'll need a firm grasp on the four intuitive forms (even if you choose one over the others), so the signals would come through to you through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance. This is something you can try when you've been exercising your psychic ability for a while and are confident in your abilities. You can indeed be a novice, so make sure you understand the fundamentals. 

If you believe you are a natural psychic medium, someone who has felt the energy of deceased spirits since childhood, you might even know how to interact with and use these spirit networks. This is not, though, a requirement for being a medium.

If you know any mediums, or if you come across a local practicing medium you can contact, inquire about their art. 

  • What is it like to speak with the dead? 
  • When did they first know they had this potential, or when did they start? 
  • What cases do they have of mediumistic encounters? 

If you live in an area where there are no mediums, you can also do an online quest to learn about first-hand accounts from mediums.

Just make sure the person you're studying from isn't a con artist, as the world of psychic practice is full of con artists trying to take advantage of people.

You must be fully relaxed before you begin practicing engaging spirits. 

  • Find a quiet, cozy location away from flashing lights. 
  • Feel the universe's energies rushing into you, and calm your mind, allowing other distracting emotions to fade away. It's now time to summon the ghosts.
  • Be sure you've learned psychic defense against evil spirits and beings before moving on to the next stage, as it's easy to unintentionally welcome a negative spirit into your house. 
  • Think of a particular deceased loved one you'd like to touch (this may also be a pet) to help minimize the chance of a harmful spirit invading your room. That way, the summoning isn't applied to any passing spirits. 
  • They are not invited; only the soul of your loved one is. 
  • Make a public call to them now. Invite them into your room and maybe ask them a question or see if they have anything to say. Mentally summon them as well.
  • Conjure up a detailed mental picture of them and emotionally invite them into orbit. 
  • If you sense their presence, ask them a question you've thought about. 
  • You may detect them in a variety of ways, including smelling their cologne, hearing their laugh or a song they used to sing, visualizing their favorite color or a piece of clothing they used to wear in your mind's eye, or experiencing a sudden change of feeling that makes you feel warm and full of love. 
  • These are all reminders that remind you that the way you see them will not be the same as hearing their presence in your mind's eye speaking to you. 
  • They can respond to your questions using images that must be deciphered or words that you see or hear in your head. 
  • This may also be a comment if you answer a question and suddenly feel a heavy emotion. 
  • If they respond claircognizant, you'll already know the answer. 
  • Remember not to impose or fabricate their appearance or responses. 
  • Allow them to flow, and it's fine if they don't turn up or don't answer any questions. 
  • Only keep reaching out and exercising while being calm. Don't push anything if you don't get it. Release the pressure and try again later.

You may also try practicing as a messenger with a person, in which case you may summon the spirit of their loved one and ask them any questions they might have. 

  • If you just want to push yourself, don't ask your friend who the person is that they want to touch. 
  • Enter the room with the eyes closed. 
  • Just have them visualize and dream of the person they want to touch. 
  • Keep your mind calm and comfortable, and be open to any energies or signals that come your way. Describe any images or emotions that come to mind to your mate.

To see how this is done, go online to look up footage of psychics in play. For eg, if you're sitting there with an empty mind and a figure of a man appears, followed by the color red, the idea of Thanksgiving dinner, and the scent of cigarettes, you'd think, "I'm seeing a man, then the color red, then the concept of Thanksgiving dinner, then the smell of cigarettes." I may also detect the odor of cigarettes.” You'll really have no idea what this means, so ask your mate if it means anything to them. After all, when you work as a messenger, the message is for the other soul, the one for whom the spirit of the deceased is connected. If it's a genuine letter, your friend will receive it straight away and, if they want to, tell you what it means to them. Perhaps the guy was their uncle, whose favorite color, hat, or car was red, and who often held a large family Thanksgiving at his home – an annual family tradition. He still cigarettes, which was a soothing reminder of his life to those who knew him. 

This is an illustration of how a medium-level reading could advance. You can even hear words or phrases from the dead that you can communicate to the living. And if it doesn't make sense to you, tell them what you see and hear in your message so it could make sense and be important to them. If that's not the case, just keep driving. 

You're not going to get it right the first time, so just keep showing them what you're doing and making sure you're not pressing these calls. Make sure they're coming from the spirit you've contacted in a normal and transparent way.

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Mediumship and Psychic Mediums


Mediums, unique individuals considered to be especially open to the subtler realities of the world and therefore particularly capable of interacting with spirit beings, have historically been central to the Spiritualist movement. “A Spiritualist is one who believes, as the foundation of his or her faith, in the communication between this and the spirit world through mediumship, and who endeavors to mold his or her character and actions in conformity with the highest teachings devised by such communion,” the National Spiritualist Association of Churches declares in its Declaration of Principles.

The radio, which operates by receiving waves of energy that vibrate at different frequencies, has been used to explain mediumship. As a result, a medium was described as someone who was receptive to the spirit world's higher vibrations. As a result, mediums may function as a conduit for spirits that spoke with or through them. Any mediums relayed material they perceived from their interaction with the spirit world while in a slightly disturbed state of consciousness.

Others worked in a deep coma, allowing what they thought were spirit beings to gain hold of their bodies and communicate through their vocal cords. When trance mediums went into trance, it was normal for one or more control spirits to arise first, then serve as master of ceremonies for other spirits to appear and communicate.

AUTOMATIC WRITING is a type of mediumship in which the medium allows the spirit agent to regulate his or her motor activity to write messages with pen and paper. Spiritualism arose from the very primitive mediumship of the young Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, who encountered rappings in their home, but the trend advanced quickly with Andrew Jackson Davis' full-trance mediumship.

He not only served as a conduit for people to collect fleeting messages from departed loved ones, but he also provided extensive treatises on divine teachings from reputedly advanced spirit beings, a phenomenon now known as channeling. Materialization was a particularly contentious concept applied to mediums.

During the last decades of the nineteenth century, scores of mediums appeared, claiming to be able to not only interact with the deceased, but also to enable them to manifest in a ghostly state for a fleeting period. Mediums mediated several tangible embodiments of ghosts, including the materialization of spirit beings at small meetings for spirit contact known as séances.

Other mediums, for example, used cameras to photograph those that visited them. Mediums can also perform a series of “impossible” physical feats, such as the levitation of items held in the séance room's core or the teleportation of tiny objects from other places to the séance room.

Overwhelmingly, the physical phenomena associated with mediumship has been shown to have been produced by fraud, a fact that has called appropriate reprobation on the movement. Today, with few exceptions, Spiritualism has been content to fall back on the basic verbal communications from the spirit world that gave the movement birth. Mediumship is a phenomenon by no means limited to the Spiritualist movement. Analogous religious functionaries, special people who have access to information and contact with different spirit entities, operate in a variety of religious traditions, and include shamans from indigenous religions and those who speak with angels in modern Christian churches.

Mediumship itself expanded in the last generation because of the New Age movement. Spiritualists did not positively relate to the New Age movement, but integral to the New Age were channelers. Through the 1980s literally thousands of channelers emerged, offering New Age believers the information they received from a variety of spiritual beings. That Spiritualism tended to distance itself from the New Age accounts in large part for its lack of growth while related movements were rapidly expanding during the 1980s and 1990s.

The majority of the physical manifestations associated with mediumship have been shown to be the product of deception and has brought appropriate condemnation upon the movement as a whole. Spiritualism has been content, with few exceptions, to rely on the simple verbal messages from the spirit world that gave rise to the movement. The phenomenon of mediumship is not confined to the Spiritualist movement. Similar ritual functionaries, such as shamans from indigenous faiths and others who communicate with angels in western churches, practice in several religious practices and have access to wisdom and communication with various spirit beings.