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Hinduism - What Is The Meghaduta?


 (“Cloud-Messenger”) One of Kalidasa's major literary works (5th century? ), often regarded as the finest classical Sanskrit poet.

The Meghaduta is a one-hundred-verse poem written completely in an exceptionally lengthy meter known as mandakranta, with each quarter stanza having seventeen syllables.

The poem relates the tale of a yaksha (nature sprite) who has been exiled to India's southernmost region.

The yaksha watches a monsoon rain cloud travelling northward in its yearly voyage, separated from his loving wife who is at their home in the Himalayan realm of Kubera.

He begs it to deliver a love message to his sweetheart.

The yaksha is a term used to describe the areas across which the cloud passes.

This depiction paints a detailed picture of Kalidasa's period, including daily life and cultural centers.

Meghasandesha, "The Message [borne by] a Cloud," is the name given to the poem by certain sources.

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